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One of the UK's Top Ukulele Function Bands


Strumdiddlyumptious are a ukulele function band based in Hampshire who are willing to travel far and wide to display their infectious enthusiasm.

With bags of energy, outstanding harmonies, drums, bass and a handful of ukuleles Strumdiddlyumptious are guaranteed to make your event or party unforgettable. If you are looking for a band with a unique style and twist on well known covers then Strumdiddlyumptious is your only choice. The band come armed with a full sound system, lighting and a varied selection of songs to suit all guests whether young and/or old.

For all bookings the band guarantee a minimum of 6 members (due to availability) but should more members be available this will be at no extra cost as to give you the finest Strumdiddlyumptious experience possible. For more information about bookings and technical specifications please visit FAQ's.


Ukulele Function Band - StrumdiddlyumptiousAndy - Ukulele Function Band - Strumdiddlyumptious

As the tallest member of band Andy is quite easy to spot and can often be found loitering behind one of the microphones, although that is mostly because the rest of the band need a stepladder to be able to reach it.


Ukulele Function Band - StrumdiddlyumptiousSarah - Ukulele Function Band - Strumdiddlyumptious

The observant folks amongst you will notice Sarah is the sole sister in the band. She plays ukulele, sings beautifully and also possesses the most amazing pair of shoes which Bruce would pinch and wear if his feet were a little smaller.


Ukulele Function Band - StrumdiddlyumptiousBruce - Ukulele Function Band - Strumdiddlyumptious

Bruce is the elder statesman of Strumdiddlyumptious resulting in him often suggesting 'new' songs which are actually quite old. His musical career and training is based on a 'self-taught' philosophy after borrowing his mates guitar at university.


Ukulele Function Band - StrumdiddlyumptiousSeb - Ukulele Function Band - Strumdiddlyumptious

Seb's "eclectic" taste in music has had both positive and less positive impacts upon Strumdiddlyumptious' song list. Seb will often be seen bobbing up and down at the back of the group because he is not allowed near the front for safety reasons.


Ukulele Function Band - StrumdiddlyumptiousJohn - Ukulele Function Band - Strumdiddlyumptious

Little is known of Jon's origins. It is said he was found by Doug in a scrapyard, curled up with his ukulele in the boot of a 1988 Honda Accord AeroDeck. Jon's fingers are made of the same material as a cheetah's leg, enabling him to play at speeds in excess of 43mph.


Ukulele Function Band - StrumdiddlyumptiousSam - Ukulele Function Band - Strumdiddlyumptious

Sam was born with special rhythmic bones and he is the beat which pulses behind the roaring ukes of Strumdiddlyumptious. Sam is also custodian of the band's mascot, a squirrel named Hazel, and during gigs he likes to maximise both his and Hazel's stage presence.


Ukulele Function Band - StrumdiddlyumptiousMark - Ukulele Function Band - Strumdiddlyumptious

Mark can usually be found at the front of the band leading the way. His previous work includes musical directing, rehearsal pianist, teaching and performing in vocal harmony groups. Mark has travelled the world thanks to music and visited places from Italy to the Caribbean.


Ukulele Function Band - StrumdiddlyumptiousDoug - Ukulele Function Band - Strumdiddlyumptious

Until a few years ago Doug didn't really know what a ukulele was. Then one day his father in law was given one as a present and dragged Doug along to a local ukulele group. It was love at first pluck, and since that night Doug has slowly become average at the ukulele.

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